Food bloggers unite!

With such an active blogging community across Manchester at the moment, I thought I’d try to link up with all the other city food blogs right here. If you’re busy cooking, eating, dining and sharing it all, then let me know and I’ll update this foodie blog roll.
So far I’ve found these like-minded souls:
Around the world in 80 dinners. Some nice pictures and city centre restaurant observations from the “Middle aged, middle class and growing midriff” of Robert Hamilton.
GastroGrrl. Food reviews, thoughts and opinions from this Macclesfield based blogger.
North Star Deli. As the name suggests this is a blog attached to a deli (in Chorlton) but it’s more than a platform to sell wares. Blogger Deanna provides recipes, tips, healthy suggestions and news about her many radio appearences as well as reports from local food events.
Secret lunch. This blog’s so secret there’s no hint as to its author and no contact details either but I enjoyed his(?) first experience of Japanese food at the New Samsi. Some interesting pictures too.
If you’ve got a food blog let me know about it by submitting the details below, dropping me an email or joining in on the Facebook group We live to eat (and blog) or the <a href=”Flickr group“>photo pool on Flickr
Thanks to Nico for the image on this page.


8 thoughts on “Food bloggers unite!

  1. @dungeekin thanks for the link – if I’m ever down your way I’ll certainly look it up first. Keep on blogging – and lurking!


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