Get green with leftovers

I was very heartened to read that the WI is coming to our rescue in the fight against greenhouse gases by giving the Government some advice on how to use up leftovers.
Apparently we waste a third of all the food we buy – that’s 6.7 million tonnes of food a year of which at least half is still edible.
Not only that, it estimated to cost each British household from £250 to £400 a year and releases methane, the most potent of the greenhouse gases.
I’m not at all surprised that the WI have got involved. After all, those unfashionable thrifty kitchen tips have kept women going through many past crisis – and every Christmas!
But what I do hope is that they include ways to make the menfolk appreciate these dishes. In my completely unscientific (and small!) survey of men’s eating habits, they tend to turn their noses up at anything with a whiff of recycled about it.
(If anyone wishes to challenge this sweeping generalisation, please go ahead below!)
So as we all gear up to plan meals, make smaller portions and use up anything leftover in a tasty and nutritious dishes we can now feel good about helping the environment too.
Time for a resurgence of popularity for the books of Marguerite Patten and to bring on the bubble and squeak and bread and butter pudding!
Thanks to avlxyz for the picture and a delicious looking leftover recipe.


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