So what can you eat? Well most things!

Looking at the papers today you could be forgiven for thinking that the Governemnt has banned food and that we are all about to face famine.
So, what is safe to eat? Declares the Daily Mail referring to what it describes as a “bombshell report”.
So what is this shocking news? Cancer prevention experts at the World Cancer Research Foundation have come up with a list of recommendations which include the amazing advice of taking exercise, cutting down on sugar and, shock of all shocks, limiting the amount of red meat consumed.
Well I never! Whatever next!

If this advice is news to anyone, then I have to question what planet they’ve been living on. It’s hardly revolutionary knowledge that fruit and veg is good for you and that sitting on your bum all day will lead to health problems.

There’s TV programmes, books, magazine articles, news bulletins, government campaigns and information galore to reinforce this message – so why should anyone be surprised by a scientific study coming to the same conclusion? Perhaps it’s some sort of group hallucination to ignore messages that we’d all rather not hear.
A report from health experts stating the opposite would certainly be something to get worked up about – I’m just waiting for the press release about the revealing survey the lard council has carried out with 2.5 people on a Tuesday morning.


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