Taste test: Marmalade cake and biscuits

Just how many biscuits and cakes can you eat before it’s completely indecent? It’s not a question I usually have to concern myself with – but then again I never usually get a haul like this through the post.
Ah… those people at Bettys Bakery in Harrogate know that the way to a blogger’s heart is through her cups of Yorkshire tea!
This range of goodies arrived unannounced in the post and has been given a thorough product test under stringent conditions involving cups of tea and plenty of tasters.

The reason for the parcel of goodies is the launch of a marmalde cake (£1.99). What can I say – it’s light, buttery, moist, with a perfect density and utterly delicious.

I don’t usually have much time for the marketing gumph which accommpanies these things but, when it says “packed with sunchine flavours” it is accurate. My previous favourite suppliers of cakes for afternoon tea (Botham’s of Whitby) better beware the competition.
The biscuits were an added bonus. Meltingly shortbread style. Of the three new flavours on offer (oat and honey, giner and choc chip) I can recoomend the chunky ginger for its texture and generosity of ginger. Again the ingredients list reveal only good stuff – they’re about as close to homemade as I’ve seen.
My only slight crticism of the biscuits is the T shape. It’s billed as the ideal shape for dunking but I’m not sure this is the real reason.
When you first open the packet you think they are going to be large squares. Then you see they’ve left something out and feel a bit short changed. Could this Yorkshire biscuit be a little tight on quantity? Surely not!
As a footnote, I think I should point out that not all products sent for trial get such a rave review. Anyone doubting this should take a look at my previous taste tests – it’s not all good! However, when it’s good, it’s worth spreading the word and these were good.
* Taste test: Sun Bites.
* Taste test: McCain’s Gourmet range.


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