Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

thaipot.bmpRemember the excitement you used to get in the lucky dip as you delved your hand deep into the sand and rummaged, and burrowed and wriggled to be rewarded by ……… whatever small trinket had been hidden in there?
This unexpected sight ( a Thai seafood pot) is a similar experience. The coating, while not dissimilar to the look and texture of sand, is a superbly tasty mix of red paste, egg and coconut which envelopes the many differentof types of seafood in a culinary lucky dip. Delve in and retrieve…..….. a mussel, squid or prawn. Whatever delicacy turns up, it’s an exotic treat.
This was our first venture into the Kinnaree Thai Restaurant in Glossop which arrived with its statue of the half human half-bird Kinnari (which gives the place its name) about four months ago.
What a delight – at last we have somewhere to go which serves up interesting, affordable Thai food with lovely service in smart surroundings.

We started the evening with the usual low expectations – dining out in Glossop is (except in the couple of rare instances of Va Bene and The Bull’s Head) the appliance of optimism over experience.

We started with well presented and tasty, but unremarkable, fish cakes and bean curd. Straightforward enough and served with chilli and plum sauces.
Along with the pot described above, I enjoyed a whole sea bass teamed with ginger served with vegetables.
We both attempted to share a vegetarian salad which was the only regretted item being a cabbage based affair reminiscent of sauerkraut which didn’t compliment our fishy selection.
So bouyed by the whole experience so far (probably helped by the bottle of Pinot Grigio consumed) we decided to try out the desert menu. Mostly the usual disappointing selection of pre-packed ice-cream, including that infuriating “Punky” concoction that seems to get everywhere, but thankfully a choice of two hot specials. We turned down the banana fritters and went instead for the banana cream.
A bowl of milky, coconut with seseme and sliced banana was a further take on another childhood delight – bannana custard.
Style: Obviously oriental but stylishly so.
Plus: Attentive service and interesting menu choices.
Minus: Can’t see into the restaurant from the street – I just don’t like that.
Value: Excellent value for money. Our meal with wine cost a little over £50 for two.
Kinnaree Thai Restaurant is at 46-50 High St West, Glossop 01457 865168.


4 thoughts on “Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

  1. Made our first visit to the Kinnaree last Saturday and found the service and the place excellent, however found the food a little disappointing. It lacks the vibrant freshness one expects from Thai food – the fish cakes one of us had as a starter were rubbery adn the ribs a bit tough – the sauce on the ribs was boring. I get the distinct impression that a lot of the food and the sauces are ‘bought in’ rather than prepared on the premises. This would explain the amazingly quick service on a Saturday night! There is a Thai restaurant in Mossley opposite the George Lawton Hall which lacks the ambience of the Kinnaree but the food is far superior.


  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the tip about the Mossley restaurant – will try.
    I know what you mean about the sauces but I think we struck lucky with the seafood pot dish.


  3. Hi am the owner of Kinnaree Thai, I would like to thank the both of you for visting the restaurant. However I can promise you Mike that the speed of our service is not because our sauces have been bought in. We prepare all food and sauces on the premises. The reason we are fast is down to hard work and good organization. I am sorry to hear some of the food was disappointing for you. I have traveled from the north to the south of Thailand and all the fishcakes I have eaten are of similar texture, Thai fishcakes are not supposed to be like Captain Birdeyes fluffy things, however with regards to the ribs I appreciate your comments and will be feeding this back to my chefs. We believe in the eastern way of CANI constant and never ending improvement. Once again thank you both for the custom, I hope you will visit us again. If you would like to speak to me in person to discuss how we can right the wrongs for you please call me on 07783781622. Must go now Gordon Ramseys knightmares is about to start.
    ps thank you Sarah for the great review.


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