New dining group

THE good news is that Manchester has a new dining group – the North West Friends Dinner Group. The bad news is that they don’t go out for dinner until February 2008. A long time to remember the dates so bookmark this page now in readiness.
The group’s organiser Robert says that there have already been a couple of successful events – including one last week – but the group won’t meet during December or January which explains the lengthy wait.
The idea is “to explore some of the great Manchester and Cheshire restaurants and gastro pubs for a great informal evening of chat, dinner and even a drink or two”.
According to the blogger Almost Witty
the last event at the City Cafe had some surreal moments but when it came to the food was a little on the light side.

“Then the food arrived. It was lovely and tasted fine, but why are the portions so tiny ?! The little haddock-on-bread I took a picture of cost £10. No side dishes – I had to order extra. There’s barely enough there to do more than taste and sniff at the food.”

The venue for the next outing has yet to be confirmed but restaurateurs take note – this group obvioulsy doesn’t expect half measures.


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