Anything for veggies at GBK?

Maybe any self-respecting vegetarian wouldn’t be seen dead in a burger joint but then again maybe even the leaf munchers sometimes feel the need for something a little less angelic.
Feeling a little worse for wear (having the sort of morning when a cooked breakfast seems like medicine) we decided to go veggie and give a couple of the options a road test – and found they hit the spot.
First up the burger option. As you can see from the picture it looks good even if it is so big that it’s impossible to eat as burgers are intended to be eaten – on the move, with one hand.
The burger was made from puy lentils, an ingredient it’s hard to go wrong with having such a naturally good taste and texture. It was slightly slushy but a flavoursome. The only problem with it all was the vast amount of spongy and tasteless bread. Why do burger places never give a choice of different rolls? They are universally the equivalent of eating cotton wool from my (very) limited experience.
Secondly, Himself tucked into the aubergine and feta salad. Again it looked very appealing on the plate, was fresh and pleasantly seasoned.
Both dishes were on the pricey side for what they were being £5.95 and £7.15 respectively.
Much has been said by others about the corporate nature of having this, and other chains, moving into Spinningfields, and at present we still seem to be in the “build it and they will come” stage.
There’s not many people around and the rain-lashed river front is some way removed from the sun-kissed terrace which no doubt featured in the artists’ impressions for the scheme but it’s a well-designed, functional and attractive environment with good service and food which is as described. What more do you need for an office lunch break?
As for the veggie challenge – there’s not a great deal on offer but what is there is pretty good if overpriced.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Leftbank, Spinningfields (0161 832 2719).


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