Music to cook by

In readiness for any major cooking marathons next month, I thought I’d compile the perfect cooking playlist.
Enjoying music while cooking has to be the perfect pairing of the two of the most enjoyable things that can be done clothed so surely it’s worth putting some time in.
I haven’t worked out yet whether music to cook by is different to driving music. In many ways the same elements are required – good strong beat, something of a wall of sound but still with the ability to sing along.
In my kitchen, and for that matter may car, R ‘n B is out (but isn’t it always?), ballads are definitely out as is anything featuring children’s voices or Peter Kay.
So I could do with some help in compiling the best cooking playlist ever. I’ll kick it off with a current favourite – track one from Mark Ronson’s Version which works for me on the essential requirements. The big brass sound has definite culinary pulling power.
Let me know what your favourite track for the playlist is by submitting your comment below or pasting it on the message board of my Facebook group We live to eat (and blog)!
The ultimate cooking playlist
1. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face – The Daptone Horns, Mark Ronson


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