The best pub curry in the world (probably)

If Carlsberg did pub food, as the advertising strap line goes, they’d be running the Bull’s Head! Having resisted blogging about my local for all these months I couldn’t hold off any longer. Not only is it a “proper” pub i.e. pool table, tiled floors and a cosy bar BUT it’s also a proper curry house.
Not only that, but the landlord seems to have cloned my iPod playlists as well. What more could anyone want?
There’s no warmed up, under spiced, microwave cooking here. Having sampled much on the menu over the years, we’ve got to the boring situation where we have a “usual” so last night it was time to break the habit.
This was most disconcerting for Mamood. He prides himself on remembering all regular customers’ names and their orders, and their particular requirements – extra ginger, medium chilli, chapatti instead of naan etc. In fact there must be a memory man competition going on somewhere in the world which he would be a surefire winner at.
So, out went the daal, spinach and cheese and tandoori lamb chops even though they are consistently and proven to be excellent. It’s just not right to order the same thing every time. In came vegetable jalfreezi, mushroom rice and lamb with lentils.
Mamood assured us this that these dishes would compliment each other perfectly and they did.

The jalfrezi had a full selection of veg with some chick peas too and a good whack of chilli as requested.

The lamb in the lentils just fell apart and the gingery lentils was a friend to the whole experience.
Meals at the Bull’s Head always start with a couple of poppadoms, the usual selection of sauces and a green salad with lemon which always strikes me as a bit off but is a refreshing start to a large meal.
While the décor also doubles as a salesroom for some frankly terrible art, the rooms set aside for the restaurant are always friendly and provide an escape from the busy bar.
Drinks are purchased separately in the pub where they keep a good pint – but this being a proper pub, the wine is best left in the bottle.
Due to the consistency of the food quality and warm welcome it’s often worth booking at the weekend busy times.
The Bull’s Head is at 102 Church Street, Old Glossop, Derbyshire SK13. Tel : 01457 853291
Read more about the pub here.
Style: Life on Mars meets Dulux artist.
Plus: The complete customer care personalised meal choices no problem.
Minus: The wine is truly and utterly terrible.
Value: Excellent value for money. Eat for two for less than £20.
If you agree, cast a vote for the Bull’s Head here.


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