So, will Delia strip?

So Delia is coming back. Yes the queen of the kitchen is breaking her five year self-imposed exile from our television screens to show us How to Cheat in the kitchen.
Inevitably her decision has prompted some fond memories of the spirited support she showed for her beloved Canaries, but what I want to know is whether she’s going to be keeping her clothes on?
I only ask because her predecessors just don’t seem to be able to resists flinging off their garments at regular intervals.
Not an episode goes by without being treated to the F***ing torso of Gordon Ramsay being freed from the constraints of the chef’s whites and frankly Gordon, we could do without it – your football fit days are over.
Then there’s Nigella who seemed to appear at the end of last week’s episode in what looked like satin pjs to sneak a glug of cold gravy from the fridge after lights out – doesn’t the woman eat enough during meal times?
And finally there’s the man-boy Jamie Oliver and those shorts.I really can’t go into that again.
Enough, all of you celebrity chefs, enough.
Let Delia bring aprons back to the kitchen please. One sign of that twin set being dropped from a shoulder and I’m tuning out.


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