Giraffe @ Spinningfields

By Mark Richardson
WITH Spinningfields steadily coming to life it seems like our new business district is becoming a replica of ‘high street Britain’, with the now mandatory selection of chain restaurants popping up left right and centre.
The latest addition, Giraffe, promises ‘world food’ and a relaxed atmosphere, and manages to achieve both.
The menu is varied and uncomplicated with everything from burgers and steaks to green curries and a particularly warming chilli lasagne, and all available at a comfortable price.
Unusually Giraffe offers a substantial breakfast menu ranging from a super food muesli to the more traditional egg and bacon selections, plus an intruding Eggs Tostada which involves spicy Mexican sausage. Although that might be a risky option of you have an early presentation to conduct.
The breakfast menu may appeal to the busy banker types that are populating this area of the city, but these days most people seem happy to settle for tea and toast at their desk. So the manager says they are going to play the whole breakfast idea by ear, as it were.
It looks as if we are going to have to get used to the homogenous look, and taste, of our towns and cities and on the plus side, finding something to eat is uncomplicated and the quality fairly standard, but surely there is room for a more original eating experience?
Giraffe is at Spinningfields Square, off hardman street (which is off Deansgate). 0161 839 0009.
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