Music to cook by….continued

As I endeavour to pull together the ultimate playlist to cook to, you’ve been letting me know your favourites. And a very intellectual bunch you are too!
I’ve had several mentions of Radio 4 programmes – including the Today programme which must mean you get started early – unless of course you’re podcasting as well as cooking and blogging. Obviously masters and mistresses of muli-tasking.
And outside of spoken word, it seems you’re in a mellow mood when you’re rustling up the goodies in the kitchen, unlike myself.
Here’s where we’re at so far;
1. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face – The Daptone Horns, Mark Ronson
2. On the Way – Abra Moore.
3. John Coltrane.
4. Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
5. The Today programme.
6. Women’s Hour.
7. Play on Saturday,
8. Zane Lowe.
9. Pete Tong.
10. Going home for Christmas. Chris Rea.

Personally I feel there’s too much radio in there, but the list goes on so send me your suggesstions by submitting them below or posting on the Facebook group We live to eat (and blog)!

Btw, so far all the responses have been from women – don’t you guys cook?


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