Chicken with tarragon and mushrooms

I was in two minds about what to cook for a relaxing meal so turned, as I always do these days, to the internet for some searches on the ingredients I’d already bought – chicken, cream, mushrooms.
I had intended a chicken chasseur but came up with this .
It looked straightforward enough and had all the components that I had. Well almost. I replaced chanterelle mushrooms with the chestnut ones I had in the fridge.
I did add a dash of truffle oil to posh them up a bit and add a bit of depth, plus I replaced the creme fraiche with single cream, because I had it, but apart from that followed it pretty well.
The recipe doesn’t give you much idea of what a bunch of tarragon looks like. I was pretty generous, a handful about the size of a large carrot, but this was about half what I originally intended.
The final stage involves deglazing the pan with the cream or creme fraiche. When I started out, I did wonder about this because there seemed to be far too much liquid.
However, I only just caught it before the lot was committed to the pan for eternity and it looked frighteningly as if it would take industrial cleaning fluid to deglaze the pan.chickenstuck.bmp
But a quick blast on the heat at it did indeed deglaze. A rich creamy sauce which had just a hint of tarragon.
I think my first instinct was right – a bigger bunch of tarragon could have easily been allowed for to create a stronger taste.
It was well received in my household and a recipe which will be re-visited.
Do you have a recipe for me. If so, submit comments below or send me an email.


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