It’s been a bad day for………….

Getting lunch. Yes I know having lunch at 2.31pm is quite late but it was my day off. Anyway lunch isn’t allowed after 2.30pm in this idyllic looking country pub, The Strines Inn, that we called at today. It may only be one minute, but that one minute is obviously of critical importance when you run an almost empty Derbyshire pub. I didn’t realise any business was so cavalier with their customers these days.
Forget that the online information says they serve food all day, forget that its miles and miles from anywhere and completely forget any pretence of customer care. If you arrive at 2.31 and not 2.30 pm – the kitchen is closed.
So we did.
Full review of the pub which did serve all day, just down the road, to follow later.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a bad day for………….

  1. What a pity. I hate it when you’ve read some thing online, trekked out there only to find it’s not true – particularly in out-of-the-way places. Living in South Africa I do a lot of travel research via the net and it’s ridiculous how often online info is out-of-date. The internet’s a fantastic marketing tool for businesses – especiallt deserted ones! Tks for the info SH.


  2. Strines is a superb little place with an outstandingly friendly bunch who work there and it’s a shame to see people using the internet as unanswered licence to petulantly vent their frustrations and portray somewhere in a bad light because they have been inconvenienced a tiny amount.
    It’s easy to wander into someone else’s world and expect them to accommodate you on your own whims and rules. How about considering the kitchen staff who are paid a small wage for their jobs and will have lives to get on with after their hours are up? Most of them are students and do a grand job. I love eating there and would heartily recommend their vastly generous portions and scrumptious homemade fare.
    Anyone wishing to eat within the hours will appreciate the gorgeous steak and ale pie and the fact that all the desserts come with massive side servings of cream, custard or rich ice-cream. Strines has always served me great fare and the summer season has food all day; in the winter it’s reduced hours and the passing one-off customers in winter aren’t thick enough on the ground to justify keeping the kitchens open.
    I hope this has redressed the griping balance a little. I regularly drive 70miles to eat there and enjoy the staff’s company. A sound bunch and a fantastic atmopshere.


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