Afternoon menu @ Ladybower Inn

After the disappointment of the Strines Inn, we called at the nearby Ladybower Inn.
The Ladybower serves food all day and by the time we got there, we were in time for the afternoon menu. A selection of pies, sandwiches and traditional dishes such as gammon and salmon were on offer – well suited for being washed down with choice from the wide selection of beers.
The award-winning Barnsley bitter from the nearby Acorn brewery got a starring role in his lunch choice – in both liquid and solid form as part of the beef pie topped with a crisp pasty and simply accompanied with a generous handful of chips and peas (£8.75). The beer’s nutty taste giving a deep, full flavour in both its solo and cameo appearances.
I went for the interesting sounding grilled lamb chops with chick pea salad (£9.60)
A glass of rather nasty house wine (Merlot or Cabernet being the only choice offered) was regretted as soon as purchased but the roaring fire was working some magic on the day and I resolved myself to the fact that ordering wine in a pub which has such a good selection of beer should probably bring some sort of repentance anyway.

The trio of braised lamb chops was meaty if a little fatty, the veg portion ws generous – carrots, cabbage, parsnip and new pots – and cooked with some thought. In fact it was all good home-cooked fare. But sadly not what I’d ordered!

Whether it was the appetite inducing fresh air, the stressful week at work or that open fire, I don’t know. But I didn’t actually notice that my meal wasn’t the one ordered until I’d finished it and so decided it was perhaps a bit late to inquire what had happened to my salad.
We waited for a long while to order a pudding. A very long time. There were various shop bought sounding cheesecake type desserts on offer, some interesting sounding local ice cream and a proper pud – apple and peach crumble. All options were £4. I looked forward to that crumble for the first 20 minutes but then couldn’t be bothered to order after seemingly being forgotten by the staff.
Despite the inattentive staffing and the menu mix-up, the Ladybower Inn is worth dropping into for a weekend family day. It feels a world away from the city but, at less than 20 miles away, easily achievable destination for some fresh air and a change of pace and to tuck into the sort of food you’d have at home if you had the time – plus it won’t break the bank.
The Ladybower Inn is at Bamford, Hope Valley, Derbyshire. S33 0AX. 01433 651 24.
See pictures from this venue at my Flickrstream here.


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