Urbis top floor re-opens

The long-awaited latest incarnation for the former Le Mont premises is due to open today. Situated on the top floor of Urbis, its previous incumbant was the original elevated eatery in a landmark glass building.
While that accolade may since have been eclipsed by the towering arrival of Cloud 23, it’s certainly good to hear that someone wants to make a go of this unusual space.
In the e-flyer for the venue, now called simply The Modern, the promoters make a big play of its high status claiming to present “specatacular panoramic views of the Manchester skyline”.
I hope this proves to be the case. One of the most irritating and disappointing things about Le Mont was the obscured views on offer throughout the space.

It was almost like looking out through a letterbox because so much of the glass was opaque that it wsn’t possible to soak up the view.

I’m guessing the cooking and service will be less formal than the previous restaurant as it’s decribed as “good honest produce with classic British cooking and great value for money” and it includes lunches and cocktails.
So welome to Modern, let’s hope you can succeed in bringing something new and stylish to our city dining scene. I’ll get along to see what it’s all about just as soon as you’re all settled in.
THE MODERN BAR & RESTAURANT is at Floors 5 & 6. Urbis. Cathedral Gardens. Manchester. M4 3BG
T: 0161 605 8282


2 thoughts on “Urbis top floor re-opens

  1. Well, we haven’t taken out any glass. Just, by using the very top floor as a bar, people will be able to take more advantage of the areas where they CAN see out.


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