Home or out for Christmas dinner?

Reports today suggest it’s almost as cheap to eat out than to feast on Christmas dinner at home. The Which report suggests that festive menus provide good value and singles out the Lime Tree, in West Didsbury, as the top if its best value restaurants, with a set lunch and early evening menu priced at £21.50.
Last month a different expert survey calculated that the cost of the festive lunch had risen from £12 per person in 2005 to £15 this year.
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said each household will splash out a whopping around £163 on food and drink for the big day.
Quite how these figures are calculated isn’t clear.

I want to know if the stress of shopping, the time spent looking and preparing the food, fuel, parking, car wear and tear, road tax, insurance and not to mention other unintentional purchases made while in that mind-numbed supermarket stupor were also taken into account.

If so, eating out has to be far, far cheaper but perhaps Christmas is one of those cases when you get out what you put in.


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