Most useless kitchen buy of 2007

I’m naming this garlic press as the most useless gadget purchased this year. In the manner of those lists which pad out magazines at this time of year, I started out to create a list if “best of” and worst of” when it comes to cooking, but changed my mind and have instead just chosed to shame this one particular gadget.
I’d wanted one of these Alessi garlic presses for some time. Time enough for them to have been succeeded by far more recent inventions from the designer Italian kitchen brand in shops across Manchester, so I had to search further afield.
I tracked this one down on eBay, won a hard fought auction and it finally arrived from some far flung part of Europe. Whatever environmentally unfriendly processes might (or might not) be involved in its plasticky manufacture, it also has its own carbon footprint to shame it.
But I could forgive all that if it actually worked. It looks fairly good on the shelf near to some other pink objects that it was purchased to complement but sadly it doiesn’t manage to do the required task – crush garlic.
Although those chunky legs look as though they would give good leverage, the garlic isn’t pushed hard enough to make it successfully through the metal grill. Worse than that, the grill is removable for cleaning but also tends to fall out when you’re trying to retrieve the garlic.
So it now sits gathering dust; a pink, plastic reminder that successful design should always follow function.


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