I want Heston’s perfect dinner

Wasn’t Heston’s perfect Christmas dinner (BBC2 last night) just the most magical piece of cookery TV?
The whole theatre of creating a snow-covered outdoor room, the surprise treats such as edible tree baubles and the completely fanatical attention to detail made even viewing the experience a complete treat.
Those celebrities lucky enough to partake of the gold, frankincense and myrrh from the lost city of Ubah or the reindeer milk from Siberia seemed dumbstruck by the enormity of it all and I’m not surprised.
It was about as far removed from the roast bird and soggy sprouts option it’s able to be.
Even so, the programme obviously didn’t grab The Guardian’s columnist in the same way this morning, but for me it was just the PR Christmas dinner needs.
A mixture of magic, wonderment and childlike enjoyment – I wish you all a Christmas dinner which will conjure this.


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