Happy New leftovers

It’s not exactly a resolution but I’m starting 2008 as I mean to go on – with a dish of tasty leftovers. It’s a topic I’ve visited before but can there really be anything better?
I love the way that you had to make something from proper ingredients in order to even have any leftovers to work with. And then there’s the sheer creativity you have to bring to the fridge to make it into something and, more than likely, that something will never be repeated again.
This year I’m going to do my bit to make leftovers special and hope that some celebrity chef or other decides to do a marketing job on the honourable job of recycling food. Perhaps a new brand is needed or a sexy logo? All ideas gratefully received below!
Today’s lunch was a fine example – pheasant and red pepper curry with celeriac mash colcannon. Where else would that be on offer today?
I’d give you the recipe but that would entirely spoil the point, because the chances of you having exactly the same ingredients to eat up are so infitessimally small that I’d be wasting valuable typing time and, anyway, it’s up to you to come up with your own unlikely concoctions that shouldn’t work, but just do.
So it’s into the new year with some of the tastes and tales from last year – but a whole new set of delights still to come.


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