We all love fast food says survey

It seems we lead the world in our love of fast food.
A survey by market research firm Synovate, questioned 9,000 people in 13 countries across five continents – and found that Britons would find it harder to give up lardy snacks then even US citizens.
Some 45% in the UK agreed with the statement “I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up”, while 44% of Americans said they would be unable to give up their burgers, pizzas and chicken wings.
According to the BBC, the survey also revealed a wide variance of attitudes to obesity with findings such as the French regularly hop on the scales while Saudis remain the most interested in weight-loss courses, gym memberships and home exercise equipment.
Interestingly few of those people blamed their government for rising levels of obesity with the largest number of respondents laying the blame on the food that is now available.
So in this early days of those New Year’s resolutions to be more healthy, lose weight, go to the gym etc. it seems most of us believe we’ve only got ourselves to blame.
This must make tonight’s screening of the modern day freak show story – Half ton mum (Channel 4, 9pm) essential viewing for those wavering in their resolve.
The programme follows Renee Williams, who became the largest person ever to have gastric bypass surgery earlier this year after ballooning to nearly seventy stone.
The bedridden 29-year-old begged doctors to perform the operation when she became so large that she couldn’t hug her two children.
While there will be those who justify showing this tragic woman’s story on national television, I am sure I won’t be alone in feeling uncomfortable about the screening.
Is there much that most us can learn from this story of extreme behaviour or is this morbid fascination another example of our unhealthy attitude towards food?
Thanks to Yutai for the picture of the very fatty looking burger.


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