Hugh’s Chicken Run signs off

Hugh’s Chicken Run (Channel 4, 9pm) ended much as it began last night – unable to get away from hard realities of the pound in your purse.
Over the three night’s we’ve seen three flocks hatched and dispatched. As chef Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall pointed out last night – they may have all had different lives but they still end up headless, trussed and up for sale.
But at what price? Single mum Hailey was still determined to get her “two for £5” birds and the residents of Hugh’s home village didn’t exactly rush to support the Chicken Out drive with only 60 per cent buying free range in the week of the televised campaign.
But despite the locals vociferous complaints about the prices charged in Hugh’s own shop (does anyone really pay £20 for a chicken?), there have been thousands of people signing up to the campaign and there is already a rise in free-range supermarket sales being reported.
So it remains to be seen whether the campaign will have a longer shelf life than the mass produced poultry bits it seeks to move us from.


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