Easter comes early this year

Easter seems to have come early this year.Yes, less than a month after Christmas, the great God of consumerism that is the supermarkets appears to have decided that it is now officially Easter.
I brought these hot cross buns from a local Tesco and, as you can see on the picture, not only are they labelled as such, but they also bear the message “Happy Easter”.
Now as every schoolchild knows, Easter is indeed a movable feast being based around the Paschal Full Moon, but it certainly is unusual for that to occur in January.
So to find out what’s going on I consulted some schoolchildren. These youngsters at Woodlands Junior School have certainly been working hard at their website on the subject and they say that Easter Sunday is on March 23 this year.
They also provide plenty of information about the tradition of the buns (eaten on Good Friday) after a period of fasting (Lent). And isn’t that part of the pleasure? After some self-induced denial, the warm, sweet, spiced fruit delicacy for breakfast is a mouth-watering treat. Served up in January it’s little more than a toasted teacake.
I have no other information to suggest that the cyber-whizzkid’s at this school could possibly be wrong so I can only assume that the supermarkets are making a bid to change the entire Christian calender.

Christmas will no doubt be next. Surely it would be more sensible to have it in August so that summer sales of turkey kebabs and twizzlers could be improved. The festive meal would then also build on the sales of chipolatas and bacon dung the summer period. I can see the packaging now – a nativity scene together with a “perfect for BBQ” sticker.

Then all they’d need to do is make the American Thanksgiving dinner a firm part of the winter celebrations in order to keep the end of year turkey sales constant.
Any supermarket execs reading this blog – you can have that idea for free. Just think two turkey peak selling opportunities every year. What are you waiting for?


2 thoughts on “Easter comes early this year

  1. Hi Martina, I’m guessing from your .com email address that your posting from America where, of course, everything is available 24/7!


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