Kimchi tried and tasted

The Korean delicacy of Kimchi was the first rather unusual taste test for this year.
This new so-called “superfood” is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage. We tried a hot and spicy variety from Seoul Kimchi at the city’s Upper Brook Street.
The first thing to note was the smell. As it permeated the office it caused a few held noses and some spraying of perfume bottles being a very distinctive and strong odour.
The closes thing I can think of to describe would be wet old socks. So, not a great start. However that first mouthful was enough to convince even the sceptics.
A good kick of chilli was obvious followed by an undercurrent of fish sauce, garlic and ginger. the cabbage was surprisingly crisps, almost pickled with the sauce packing in the flavour.
I couldn’t vouch for any health-giving properties but, on taste alone, it’s a winner for me.
Seoul Kimchi also sells Korean lunch-boxes and other products and can be found at Upper Brook Street, Manchester. 0161 273 5556/0161 273 1077.


2 thoughts on “Kimchi tried and tasted

  1. Smells and tastes nothing like a wet old sock, I love the smell and it is only vegetables so it is extremely healthy, its like a salad with chili. I love it and regularly get cravings for it (found the site while looking at google images of kimchi as I am starving at work!) I am a from Australia, and not Korean.


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