School children must learn to cook

Today’s announcement that cooking is to become a compulsory in schools has to be welcomed.
The idea that people start home unable to cook themselves a meal and exist on nothing but takeaways and ready meals seems to be becoming an obesity reality if recent reports on buying habits are anything to go by.
According to today’s Mirror, there will be eight key meals taught but what exactly those are, will be chosen by the public in a sort of dinner idol contest.
So far commentators seem to have been concentrating on “traditionals” such as roast chicken or cottage pie and “new” favourites such as curry.
Schools Secretary Ed Balls says the emphasis will be on making sure pupils can master simple, healthy recipes using fresh ingredients.
From this September, every 11-14 year-old in the 85% of schools currently offering food technology classes will be taught practical cookery.
The remaining 15% of secondaries will be expected to teach the compulsory classes by 2011.
This all sounds very positive and a world away from my own cookery lessons where tooth-cracking rock buns and fat-laden cheese and onion pie were the order of the day.
So to help the Government along with this plan, I’ve come up with my own suggested eight dishes everyone should master – feel free to suggest your own below:
1.Vegetarian curry. Get a good helping of the daily five with this easy to cook favourite.
2. Hunter’s chicken. Easy, tasty and relatively cheap.
3. Lentil salad. Because cooking isn’t just about hot food.
4. Baked apples. Because everyone needs something sweet now and then and these are virtuously tasty.
5. Spaghetti Bolognese . Worth learning something that could also help when starting dating.
6. Smoked mackerel pate. Perfect for lunchboxes or dinner parties.
7. Baked Italian-style tofu. Because there’s nothing to fear from vegetarian (or vegan) products.
8. Fish pie. Because no-one’s life is complete until they’ve had this!
Your suggestions please.


One thought on “School children must learn to cook

  1. It is true what they say – what is the point in teaching the kids how to cook and eat properly when the parents have not got a clue themselves? Should the government not be educating parents first and they can educate the kids?


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