D is for diet, despair and determination

D Day arrived this weekend. I guess I’ve been ignoring the signs, wanting the truth to be different but Saturday morning proved to be the decisive moment.
Recovering from complete over-indulgence and liver abuse inflicted during Saturday’s dining awards, I sought refuge in a sauna and spa.
Shock one. The bikini felt a little too snug. Shock two. It was almost like there wasn’t just me and Himself attempting to sweat out those toxins. Something was coming between us.
Yes the dining out, cooking spectaculars and a rather robustly healthy interest in the wine deals at my local supermarket has started to show.
It’s time for drastic action – but can a diet really be on the cards?
How can someone who lives their life through food be on a diet? Being a life-long believer in good food being good, not only for the soul, but also for mind and body I can’t reconcile denial being a healthy state of being.
Having a widening girth is often treated as a stage of life – middle-aged spread, a time for slowing down, being comfortable with your body.
WIDE, COMFORTABLE, SPREADING – are these words to make you proud of your person?
Well this cosy, cardi wearing image of womanhood is not for me – I declare here and now that I resist it!
I’m horrified that I might no longer be in control of the bits and bobs, that they might develop a life of their own and just grow and grow until I end up fronting some Government anti-obesity campaign with my shame on show for all to see.

So the idea of a diet has entered my thoughts. As yet it’s untouched and grubby on the shelf of future plans, looking like a particularly unsavoury bottle of medicine. It’s one which I definitely don’t want to consume, but fear I may have to.

I have a month to lose one stone and I’m determined to do it. A month until my birthday, that day of the year when numbers rule.
The plan so far is to first ditch the unnecessary. So booze is out. Those empty calories which do you no good (don’t pretend you guzzle it for the anti-oxidant levels) is the first thing to go.
A more concerted effort at the gym (you mean you don’t burn calories by chatting?) and another weigh-in later in the week and we’ll see if anything more drastic is required.
Expect the food reviews, recipes and blog entries to take a lighter feel for the next few weeks and any flab-busting tips will be gratefully received.
Just please, pleeeeease don’t put me on a diet.
Btw, the picture is there by way of inspiration. It’s not me – yet.


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