Girl power? Give me drink

Is this pink port perfectly patronising?
It’s apparently a tipple to attract the ladies. M&S have taken that bastion of after dinner accompaniment to the cheeseboard and created pink port which they’ve released onto an unsuspecting womankind this week.
The Pink Port is meant to be served chilled over ice as a refreshing drink, its label says.
As regular readers will know, I haven’t been able to taste it due to my current wagon riding status but I’m not sure I would want to if I could. (Perhaps its this self-inflicted abstinence that’s making me come over all curmudgeonly about it!)
What exactly is the point of it? Port is a fanatstic drink in its own right, it doesn’t need girlifying it by making it pink and flowery. I generally find women have sophisticated palates with the ability to appreciate vintage products. Don’t you?
But across the drinks industry there seems to be a trend for this sort of thing.
Now I’m happy to share a good rose along with the next girl, but do women really want specially packaged products and dubious creations of pinkness in their tipple?
Wine with added this and that, disco glittery labels and sickly sweet concoctions of fruit or herbal infusions over an alcohol base?
Please spare me this girl-power-revival-wrapped-in-soft-tissue-wafted-with-butterfly-wing-secretion nonsence and just pass the port – and the stilton.


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