How I chopped the end off my thumb

No, I hadn’t been drinking and yes, it was a stupid think to do.
Having managed to chop the end of my thumb off while chopping bread has proved to be painful, inconvenient and an experience definitely worth avoiding.
The momentary lapse in concentration which led to this cooking accident has already prompted some never considered before insights.
There are things that it’s hard to do. Firstly it became obvious that opening the mussels, the reason I was cutting the baguette in the first place, was an impossibility.
Since then I’ve found that undoing/doing up a bra, operating a corkscrew and taking off the car’s handbrake (not that I suggest anyone attempts all three manoeuvres at once!) are no go areas for the unthumbed.
Then there’s the discovery that men can’t make bandages – just look at the state of it!
Blogging and cooking is going to be more difficult for the next few days but, looking on the bright side, I’ve found one advantage so far – I can’t do any washing up.
Hopefully all will be back to normal later in the week but for now, I’m all fingers and fingers.


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