Is love chips and chocolate?

If the fact that we are currently part of national chip week has passed you by in these obesity obsessed times, then you’ll be comforted to hear there’s still a few days left to go.
The British Potato Council is looking for the best chips in the country with an online vote which is open until February 17.
There’s also a selection of chip recipes which includes the truly revolting sounding chips and chocolate dip(pictured).
Then again this “Love Chips” campaign does run across Valentine’s Day.
A pot of chocolate sauce and some gift-wrapped portions of pommes frites (they’d have to be French to be even slighty romantic, do these people know nothing?) could be just the ticket tomorrow I suppose – but not in my house.
Chips and chocolate may be two of life’s pleasures but that doesn’t mean they should ever be put together. Enjoy each alone. There really can be too much of a good thing.
However, if you do attempt to pass this cheapskate option off as a Valentine’s treat, I’d love to know how it goes.


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