Hugh’s finger guard saves the day

While still compiling my list of things impossible to do without two thumbs (cracking eggs, peeling vegetables, dropping the roof of a convertible) I was somewhat perversely cheered to see Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on television last night chop his fingers in a remarkably similar accident to my own.
While slicing up enough fish to keep a seal happy for the hungry crew of a trawler, Hugh managed to dice a bit of himself.
“See” I cheered, “even the professionals do it!”.
I was impressed with his calm demeanour in dealing with the situation though. Put me to shame.
Then I was full of admiration as he suddenly pulled from no-where the perfect tool for the job – a leather finger guard which ties onto the hand. This kept the bandage in place and neatly prevented any further slips and nips.
If anyone knows where they come from, please drop me a line.


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