Confessions of a failed dieter

OK it’s confession time. After committing to paper (well blog posting) my intention to cut back a bit in the interest of flab reduction, I’ll come clean.
After a few days I did fall off the wagon big style. I like cheese, I like red wine and I definitely like chocolate.
The situation wasn’t helped by finding a different set of scales weighed in a completely different (and more acceptable) reading! The motivating factor just wasn’t there any more.
Now I know I’m probably just kidding myself (as the women’s mags would have it) but I also discovered some alarming truths about the whole weight loss industry. For industry it is.
It is reported that, on any given day in Britain, a quarter of all women are on a diet, and half of all women are finishing, breaking or starting a diet.
And that’s worrying because they cam go to extraordinary lengths to lose weight – including taking cocaine or missing meals.
What I did learn during the week or so when denial was a reality was that the very act of ‘going on a diet’ had the effect of making food loom large in every decision made during the day.

You may think that someone who writes a blog called Life through food thinks like that anyway but this was different. Moving the experience of food and drinks into a “special status” of THE DIET turned me into a Bridget Jones style counter of numbers and statistics – how many units is that, how many calories, oh look at the sugar levels of that!

Where’s the enjoyment in that?
So I apologise to anyone looking for diet advice – I’m not the person to consult. Hopefully my fellow blogger Dianne Bourne will be more successful – she’s properly committed and keeping to the deal so her experiences are worth following.
I’ll reserve this section of my blog for occasional forays into the weird world of weight loss regimes but leave putting it into practice for now.
Having said that, I’m still a believer of my own NIL regime though – and still waiting for that book deal.
It’s looking like it could be quite a while coming. After all, there’s probably not enough money for any company to make from a diet of unprocessed foods and regular exercise to ever see it on the shelves.
There you go – the truth is out there!
Thanks to nicnbill for the diet-busting picture.


One thought on “Confessions of a failed dieter

  1. Hi
    Sounds straight forward, but if you only eat when you are physically hungry – and no more then you would not find yourself with a weight issue. The problem is that you not only eat for your body – but you eat for your mind too. This is the eating for comfort, boredom, protection, reward and a whole heap of other reasons. I urge you to try a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) it involves tapping on some of your meridian points. Amongst other things you can use it to instantly get rid of chocolate cravings in seconds!! For instructions how to do it visit my site and I will teach you for free.


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