Chocolate manicure for Easter?

A chocolate manicure? Are you sure.
When the press release for this delight dropped into my inbox it prompted some incredulity. Having your fingernails painted with chocolate? Apparently you can get “a chocoholics delight this Easter with a deluxe chocolate manicure”.
Come on! Choccy fingertips! Aside from being quite unappealing sounding they really would be as much use as that other tea-time favourite – the chocolate teapot.
But it seems there’s more to this. The Macdonald Manchester Spa has applied this odd name to a girly spa treat which combines a hand massage and manicure with a glass of Champagne, chocolate fountains, fruit and polish with chocolate inspired names.
Getting onto a roll with this marketing malarkey I’m wondering what might be next? How about hot (and)cross buns – a wax treatment for gentlemen’s bottoms.
Or, Easter eggs – a NO STOP!
Perhaps trying to fit traditional festivals into spa treatments is just pushing a marketing theme too far.


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