Are your dinner guests too picky?

Who’d want to hold a dinner party these days?
Having this weekend been part of a said party and admiring the way the host and hostess gallantly coped with all manner of requests, it got me wondering how demanding is too demanding?

It’s not enough to be vegetarian these days. Oh no. Avoiding dairy, don’t like chocolate, can’t drink tap water, only stuffed squirrel with a spit-roasted robin’s tongue for me.

According to the Cheshire-based etiquette guru Diana Mather guests should refrain from banging on about their weird tastes. (see video below)
But this trend for personalised meals shows no sign of slowing. So much so that the foodie website Foodari is now providing recipes where dietary preferences can be set.
The site’s Jonathan Parker explains:”Members of Foodari use a simple system to add specific ingredients, food groups or nutritional values to be excluded from recipe searches they conduct.
“There is a predefined list of most frequent ingredient intolerances but members may also add specific ingredients of their own choice. Foodari also lets you set nutritional values to be excluded by Calorie, GI, Carbohydrate or Saturated fat content.
“We want to include everyone in this and anticipate that this feature will be very popular amongst sufferers of intolerances, allergies or those members who love cooking but also want to diet.”

How To Deal With Picky Dinner Guests


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