If music’s the food of love, what’s chippy tea?

Comedy records aren’t much of a hit for me but I thought I’d allow this one a showing on the food blog for four reasons;
1. It’s local (ish)
2. The band is named after a dish.
3. It has food in the song title and throughout.
and, 4. During a long drive yesterday evening it cheered me up when it was played on the Chris Evans’ Show .
So chippy tea by the Lancashire Hotpots it is!

If anyone can find any other tunes which meet this foodie criteria, let me know. I struggled to come up with a few which may have food mentioned in either the title or the song (Brown Sugar, Hot Chocolate, Savoy Truffle) but couldn’t think of any more. Then again I’m rubbish at pub quizes too.
These guys did better and have a list of food-related titles, but not titles and bands together.
Could the Hotpots have a USP?
Probably not. The Guardian claims there’s another song title/band food link with : Ice Cream for Crow by Captain Beefheart (Virgin 1982).
But who’s ever heard that?


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