Seeking some truth on fast food calories

If you’re looking to lose weight, then the land of the large (perhaps that should be lard) may have something to offer at last.
A nutrition book called “Eat This, Not That!” has become one of the hottest selling guides in US book stores.
The diminutive volume is reportedly filled with pictures of what not to eat and photos of better substitutes. It compares food choices at favorite restaurants, supermarkets and holiday items – only trouble is that a lot of the products mentioned are US versions so it’s hard to tell whether it translates.
Comparisons are often surprising with something as calories laden as a Starbucks Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich faring better than the chain’s Bran Muffin with Nuts.
The American author’s from MEN’s health have also been looking at proposed legislation to require US chain restaurants to list the nutritional content of their menus.
They say: “One of the true issues behind obesity is the fact that many chains—which provide one-third of all restaurant meals, according to the New York Department of Health—obfuscate the fat and calorie counts of their menu items, and fight any attempt to shed light on what, exactly, is going on between their buns and inside their taco shells.
Space in the market for a UK version of this research and book me thinks!


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