Venison Pie from Mettricks

Pies aren’t generally my thing. The thought of unidentifiable bits and bobs floating around in pastry-ecased liquid doesn’t really float my gravy boat. But I couldn’t resist trying this venison pie from my local butchers.
Having been assured they only contained venison (nothing unidentified) I gave them the taste test for lunch accommpanied by some red cabbage and apple.
The pastry was truly melting and held together well in the oven without being at all soggy. Soggy bottoms are not what’s wanted on a Sunday after all.
I was surprised to find no gravy – just a solid heart of meat – so even though they’re small in stature, these pies pack a punch.
As I had a day off today, I’ve also been messing around with the technology again so the hearty lunch also got an Utterz. Hear it here.


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