Where are all the Polish restaurants?

Everyone seems to want to have their two penneth on the issue of immigration but, purely coming at it from a foodie point of view, the arrival of people from many nations over the centuries has been one of the things that’s shaped the British cuisine.
From the early spice importers to the general acceptance of curry as our top national dish, no-one can dispute the wealth of edible opportunities which now present themsleves in every town across the UK.
So perhaps you’d expect that a city the size of Manchester would have a fair share of eastern European restaurants by now. But it seems not. The only one I’ve ever heard of, Cafe Lech in Altrincham, reportedly closed down earlier this year.
There are a good selection of shops selling Polish and Czech foodstuffs, but no restaurants and cafes.
It’s a situation which has featured in online forums but there doesn’t seem to be a concensus on the reason – could it be that dining out isn’t part ofthe Polish culture or are British people not attracted to this cuisine?
I’d certainly like to know more about it. I recently ventured into the Polish stall at the excellent Arndale Food Hall and purchased some bread which has rivalled my previous best.
A half rye – half wheat loaf, it had a fantastic texture and a robust taste which was tempered by the mix of grains. Find out more about this here think it could even take the crown from Station Bakery .
Other items in the shop looked like interesting ingredients and I may venture there again but I appreciate knowing what I’m supposed to aiming for when cooking. A restaurant or cafe selling authentic dishes would be most welcome if there’s any budding restaurateurs reading.


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