Fully automated restaurant taking orders

Is this the future of dining out? No more pointless questions on whether everything is alright, no disdainful service and no long waits trying to catch someone’s eye to pay the bill. The first fully automated restaurant has opened up in Germany.
Diners order from a touch screen and the food is sent flying helter-skelter style from a kitchen in the roof.

Michael Mack, owner of the ‘s Baggers restaurant in Nuremberg, claims it is the only restaurant of its kind.
At, mydigitalife, which also has some pictures of the interior, he says: “The concept will revolutionize the food industry.” It’s a cool idea! Now, you can say goodbye to those rude waiters with having your meal in automated restaurant.”
All well and good but what’s the food like?
According to techdirt the early reviews haven’t been great.
“It sounds like people have been coming for the novelty, but some are a bit turned off by the mechanical nature of everything (and one person even compared it to the machinery used to feed pigs on large farms).”
Is this the future or just a gimmick? Have your say below.


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