Poetry in a pudding

Sometimes a certain food or dish can lift your spirits, banish the grey gloominess of the weather and put a little song in your heart.
And so it was with this. A thyme creme brulee. Served up at the end of a delightful meal at the Duke of Portland in leafy Lach Dennis (full review to follow) the menu reveals that more than 340,000 of these have been served up over the years, so I’m guessing that plenty of people will understand this description.

The caramelised topping provides just the right amount of resistence to the spoon, then crack, you’re through and into a creamy centre. Tasting it – first is the vanilla and I can’t trace any thyme then, whoosh, a passing wisp of the herb comes in as an aftertaste. Oh, I just want to repeat that again and again.

Those 340,000 plus customers weren’t wrong.


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