Bin dippers beware – famine on the way

It’s been a bad week for…………………………..bin dippers
Or, to be more politically correct, freetarians.
Yes, those who rely on other’s people’s thrown out purchases could find thin pickings if the Government and consumers get to grips with cutting down on waste.
A report out this week from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) said the average household throws out one-third of all food bought, wasting £420 each year or £610 for those with children.
The figure is £2 billion higher than previously estimated.
Each day householders throw out 1.3 million unopened yoghurt pots, 5,500 whole chickens and 440,000 ready meals, according to the report.
But what’s to be done about it? Obviously I’m not alone in throwing out food and it got me wondering what I personally could change.
Not buying too much of something would be the obvious start but sometimes there’s only one quantity available.
Perhaps the packaging industry has a role to play here by providing a wider selection of jar sizes, or pre-packed goods.
Or maybe the sell-by dates are the issue? How are these arrived at? I’ve frequently found that fresh vegetables are often in perfect condition some time after the date has expired.
Surely a bit more education on how to tell if items are fresh by the time honoured methods of looking, smelling etc. would pay-off here.
But most of all I blame the big supermarkets. Most of the items I throw out are off, well and truly off, and they might not have even reached their sell-bys.
Perhaps if food arrived for sale in a shorter time-scale and wasn’t wrapped in sweaty plastic then there would be less for those freetarians to feast on.
Thanks to tartalom for the fab bin picture. So inviting it almost makes you want to……….NO:)


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