Fish pie and gravy NO

This was going to be my shortest blog post ever, just three words WRONG, WRONG, WRONG but then I thought I should expand a little.
Today’s story about a fish pie being served with gravy just makes the city look dumb.
Wrong 1. Fish pie is generally expected to come with potato topping, not pastry. Pastry normally makes it fish en croute.
Wrong 2. Gravy just doesn’t go with fish. If you want gravy, by all means have it but accept the lack of normality and go the whole hog and just have curry sauce and be done with it.
Which brings me to wrong 3. What the customer wants the customer should get – no argument.
There done. Tell me I’m not wrong.


2 thoughts on “Fish pie and gravy NO

  1. I absolutely agree, I nearly gagged on reading that article in the paper.
    Fish pie with gravy is not just wrong it is sooooo wrong. I would rather eat deep fried Mars Bar!!!
    Having said that I heard many times that former Lancashire cricketer Jack Simmons would go to the chippy and order steak pudding, chips, peas and gravy with a fish on top.
    I don’t know if that is true but each to their own I suppose.


  2. Methinks you will find that there’s plenty of times that fish is served with gravy, but it’s usually passed off as a jus? Apart from in The Market Restaurant, which is resolutely a jus free zone.


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