Hunting for snails

Manchester is going to hold the city’s first ever ‘snail-hunt’ on Saturday, I’m told. The hunt is being organised by Café Rouge in an attempt to persuade Mancunians to celebrate National Escargot Day and pay homage to one of France’s favourite delicacies – the humble snail.
The hunt sounds fun – from 11am, staff at the Manchester Printworks restaurant will be hiding a grand total of 20 oversized terracotta snails around the local area and the successful hunters claim prizes of wine, Champagne and, of course a meal including l’escargot.
Café Rouge’s Lisa Griffiths (who oddly describes herself as a snail obsessive), said: “Some people might run a mile when confronted with this dish but our hunt proves snails really are worth seeking out! Hopefully the hunt will encourage people to be a little bit more adventurous and fall in love with this fantastic French delicacy.”
Well maybe it will – but not for me. My experience of snails remains limited to preventing the blighters from eating my food in the garden.
And while I know it’s illogical (what’s the difference between this land lover and its watery counterpart from the sea?) I can’t get past those tentacles on the head and the trails.
No nom, nom, no snaily.

Thanks for the picture from the brilliant LOLCats blog


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