City food ‘to be scoffed, not scoffed at’

Hurrah! Manchester gets a thumbs up from the man from The Times.
Regular readers will know that I recently spent an enjoyable evening with Nick Wyke who was in the city to do a piece about our dining scene.
Well here’s what he found and what a welcome change it is to see a London critic 1. come north and 2. write some positive coverage.
He made a good move by hooking up with award-winning chef Alison Seagrave, from the Second Floor restaurant and brasserie at Harvey Nichols, in Exchange Square. She told him there’s ample Michelin-star standard food to be had, some of it at sub-capital prices.
“Foodwise, Manchester used to be years behind London but we’ve caught up lately in terms of choice and reliable local suppliers. To win a star you have to set that as a goal. It’s judged on many different criteria from the service to the cooking and some of our dishes are Michelin star in all but name.”
Read the full article here.


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