Back from travels and so much going on back here

I’ve finally landed. My fortnight’s annual holiday already seeming like a distant memory and just the ┬ús lost to make up for and the lbs gained to lose.
There’s a big bag of spices in the cupboard waiting to be cooked up plus some fab foodie ideas caught on camera and in my taste memory bank just waiting to be unleashed.
And just a day back to work and there’s so much to blog about.
Here’s just a taste of what’s to come;
* A quick guide to the eateries of Kalkan in Turkey for anyone who plans to follow in my footsetps this summer.
* Some dieting V eating dilemmas brought about by the above foodie adventures.
* Taking a sneak preview of next month’s Nantwich Cheese Festival which is sure to undo any resolve made in the above.
* Joining in with Channel 4s Big British Food Map which reaches Manchester tomorrow when I show Andrew Webb a bit of what’s on offer in our city.
* Revealing something from behind the scenes of the new series of Kitchen Nightmares (hopefully) which is also coming our way I hear.
So, if you’re ready for all that, I’ll get blogging.