Channel 4 puts Manchester on the map

Channel 4’s roving reporter Andrew Webb has been in Manchester and I caught up with him during the week.
Over some sushi at the Arndale Food Market we talked about the city’s restaurants and some foodie loves and hates.
He’s travelling the length and breadth of this fair isle looking at the best of every region so knows a thing or two about the topic.
But it wasn’t long before our conversation turned to the issues surrounding food production, the politics of eating and what’s going wrong with food in Britain today.
As so often happens with these debates, us foodies seem to feel a weight of responsibility but increasingly it’s hard to know what the right thing to do actually is.
We wandered around the amazing display of fish and seafood on offer and it got me thinking – should we consider it our good fortune that we can select from such abundance or should we be thinking of the future and checking out the sustainable credentials?
Is “organic” that’s been flown in from the other side of the world really better than non-organic produce from down the road? Do the Zimbabwean farmers need our support despite the absurdity of air travel for beans?
Increasingly I find myself reading labels but wondering what it is I’m looking for. If we’re not careful, food shopping will end up being a mental agility test where some sort of matrix of harm is weighed up in the aisles.


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