Let’s back Marco and celebrate fish pie

Aaaahhhh fish pie. Succulent chunks of white fish, some smoked pieces to complement, a sprinkling of seafood and heaps of creamy mashed potato. The original one-pot meal which is guaranteed to warm even the coldest hearts and most jaded palettes.
And thanks to TV chef Marco Pierre White this sometimes humble dish is taking its place as the main course on his Great British Feast.
Viewers will have seen him preparing his own version of the dinner favourite on last night’s first in the new series on ITV.
Being a fan of both the chef and this dish, I was a bit surprised by his recipe – created to cook the pie in just 15 mins.
Sprinkling the cheese on under the potato struck me as strange but then everyone seems to have their own way with the dish (no I’m not returning to the gravy faux pas here, I still maintain that was plain wrong ) from creating a cheese sauce, keeping cheese well away from fish, adding peas under the mash, slicing the spuds instead of mashing etc,etc.
I still haven’t found a recipe better than this one but, however you do it, fish pie does truly deserve to be on every British menu – surely it’s the epitome of a meal for an island race.
It got me thinking – why don’t we have a National Fish Pie day?
There’s plenty of days designated to less deserving causes, after all, when did you last mark the National Day of Cowboys?
If you like the idea, let me know below and please share your own fish pie creation at the Life Through Food Flickr group.
Let’s give fish pie the recognition it deserves.


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