A little Friday fun

Which well-known female celebrity said the following things about her preferences for food and drink this week?
Suggestions, answers or just some funny quips to round-off the week, all welcome below.
Answer on Monday.
1 She loves Liverpool’s fish and chips
“Since I’ve been living over here I’ve learned to love it. I had the best of my life in Liverpool. When I’m in London I have it at my club, Home House in Marylebone. Haddock and proper fat chips, always.’
2 Make hers a Guinness
When the heat is on, it’s all about the black stuff. “At the World Cup in 2006 it was far too hot to eat. The only thing I wanted was a Guinness. It kept me alive! It’s great with pizza, too.”
3 She knows her olive oil
‘The best olive oil comes from Puglia, where I grew up – even Tuscan oils, which most people think are the finest, often use Pugliese oil as their base. It’s so good I’m planning to bring out my own.’ She’s keeping a lid on what the brand name will be.
4. She’s got a thing for KitKats
When it comes to the question of which chocolate she would like to see heading her way at the ambassador’s reception, there’s no contest: it’s British challenger KitKat.”A KitKat’s got a lot of sugar, but I love it. Though I’m more of a two-finger bar person than the full four fingers.”
5. She’s a fan of single malt
“I really like experiencing the local food wherever I go, and it’s amazing in Scotland. Wonderful ingredients – fish, game – and I love a good single malt.’ No issues with haggis, then? ‘No, I like it.’” There’s a pause, as she considers the realities of packing offal and oatmeal into a sheep’s stomach. ‘Well, it’s fine to have once.”
Clue: There is a Manchester footballing connection.


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