Attention cheese lovers

If cheese is your thing, then this month’s International Cheese Show is a date for your diary.
Held in Nantwich on July 30th, the show becomes the centre of the cheese universe with every size and type of cheese on display.
This world-class event attracts producers from across the globe, all hoping to win the top awards for 2008.
Organsiser’s say last year’s Show Champion, ‘Davidstow’ from Cornwall, will be defending its title and challenge for the Cheese Lover’s Trophy.
They’re expecting about 30,000 visitors and will be hosting 90 of the world’s leading cheese experts.
But if you can’t wait, there’s the chance to win a year’s supply of the milky gold stuff here. (Not quite sure what a year’s supply might be though, thinking my idea of a year’s supply might be different to yours!) Good luck anyway.
The International Cheese Show is on Wednesday, July 31 at Dorfold Hall, Nantwich Cheshire.


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