Can foodie lightning strike twice?

I’ve given two places a second chance this week. I’ve heard that some food writers never return to scene of a culinary crime, but I often give a place a chance to redeem itself on the off chance that the management may have changed, the first visit could have been a one-off bad day, any ensuing bad publicity prompted a new approach etc. etc
On the first occasion I had a small group of people who know about food to entertain for a quiet lunch. I chose Luso, partly because if its location (near the office), partly because it’s such a light an airy interior and partly because my guests like light lunches and have an experienced appreciation of tapas.
Sadly this second visit just re-confirmed my first impression. While well-cooked and presented, the tapas is insanely over-priced for its tiny serving size to an embarrassing extent. Seeing two people trying to share the smallest single mushroom could have been amusing had it not been costing the best part of a £5. There’s light lunches and then there’s barely visible ones.
No third visit planned unless I’m ever hosting a table of superwaifs.
The second, second chance was more forthcoming. I’d been so disappointed not to get a meal the first time I’d taken the winding out-of-the way journey to the scenic location of the Strines Inn that I didn’t envisage every bothering to try again.
But the exhalations of one of my blog users and a delightfully bright evening got the better of me – and I’m glad it did.
The food was good, hearty fare – trout, steak and ale pie, treacle sponge and the most indulgent chocolate sundae all went to make up a satisfying summer evening’s jaunt. You can read a full review of the place in Saturday’s M.E.N and I’ll post it on the blog next week.
In the meantime, it’s time for another foodie adventure. Let’s see what Dublin has to offer.


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