Is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall turning veggie?

He may be known for his meaty loving recipes and regular televised trips to the abbatoir, but the television chef is also urging us eat less flesh.
Answering questions on the blog run in conjuction with a stint as guest editor at Yahoo! today, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall provided the following advice to a user’s question:
Q. Given the fact that the production of meat uses a vast amount of the earth’s natural and dwindling resources, plus contributes significantly to global warming – should we be encouraging people to adopt more of a vegetarian diet? – Laiyan Man
Hugh’s answer: “People know that I’m an enthusiastic carnivore. Having said that, I definitely think we need to be eating less meat on this planet, not more. Meat is a precious food which we should never take for granted. We should all aim to use it more wisely and more ‘sustainably’.”
Good advice whatever side of the veggie fence you sit me thinks.
The online activities from this featured event also include a competition for a VIP treatment for two at River Cottage.


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